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COPPERCOAT Quantity Calculator

Vessel Type:
Beam:  ft   Beam must be 3.0 to 50.0 Ft
Draft:  ft   Draft must be 0.5 to 25.0 Ft
Waterline:  ft   Waterline must be 10.0 to 150.0 Ft
   kits of COPPERCOAT required.

This calculator is designed to be a general aid - if you are unsure of the dimensions of your vessel or the areas to be treated, please contact us for confirmation of the quantity required.

How much COPPERCOAT have other boats taken?

Someone has probably already applied COPPERCOAT to the same or a similar vessel as yours. Click here to see a list of how much COPPERCOAT it took to do other vessels.

How do I buy COPPERCOAT?

It's easy! Just fill out our order form and we'll get right back with you to confirm your order and get your payment information.

How much does COPPERCOAT cost?

COPPERCOAT is imported from the United Kingdom and our cost is constantly changing due to the fluctuating price of pure copper and the exchange rate for the British Pound to the US Dollar at the time of purchase. We work hard to keep the cost as low as possible, given these conditions. Our current price is $130.00 per 1.5 liter kit. The price will be higher for orders shipped to California due to additional fees. When you factor in the cost savings that can be achieved, COPPERCOAT pays for itself many times over.

If you are a dealer, applicator or boatyard owner, please contact us for pricing, using the form on the contact page.

How much Bare Bottoms Anti-Fouling Remover do I need?

Each gallon of Bare Bottoms Anti-Fouling Remover covers approximately 150 square feet, depending on how thick the Bare Bottoms is applied.

How much does Bare Bottoms Anti-Fouling Remover cost?

$90.00one gallon
$375.00five gallon

How much Coppercoat USA CK426 Barrier Coat do I need?

If you would like to use the Coppercoat USA CK426 Barrier Coating as part of your COPPERCOAT application you will need one quart of CK426 for each kit of COPPERCOAT. The CK426 is sold in quarts and gallons, so if you need 5 kits of COPPERCOAT, you will need 1 gallon and 1 quart of CK426 Barrier Coat.

Coppercoat USA CK426 Barrier Coat

How much does Coppercoat USA CK426 Barrier Coat cost?

$145.00 per gallon
$45.00 per quart

Can you provide rollers and thinner?

Accessory Products

For your convenience, we stock some of the accessories used in a COPPERCOAT application and they can be ordered and shipped with your Coppercoat.

9" Foam Roller Cover for Epoxy
4" Mini Roller Covers, 2 pack
Isopropyl Alcohol, 91%
5 Quart Graduated Mixing Bucket

How much will shipping cost?

Coppercoat USA ships via UPS. We do not mark up the shipping charge or add a "handling fee"; we just pass along the actual cost of shipping. Therefore, we can't give you the exact cost of shipping your order until we have the actual weight and size of your order and process it in our UPS shipping system using your ship-to location.